50th Anniversary Dinner and Club Awards Night

The 50th Anniversary Dinner and Club Awards Night will be held on Sunday 24th October.

The event is open to all CCVC Members, Past Members and other guests.

Please use the link below to register for this event.

50th Anniversary Dinner - Bookings close 7th October 2021

Old Timers 50th Anniversary trip to Rallywoods - Passenger bookings

This is not for members of the general public.

This is a trip to take "old-timers" (older, inactive, past members) into Rallywoods on a drive to reminisce on the good old days in Rallywoods.  The Club has got members with room for passengers to get you in and around there.  The plan is to take people in, drive the main roads only, BBQ lunch at the Green Hut and back out.  

Email John Vruink (john.vruink@gmail.com) with details (CCVC history and connections, number of seats required etc), if you want to book a seat or seats.